Happy World Goth Day !

🖤🦇❤️Happy World Goth Day ! ❤️🦇🖤

Thanks Sailor Hank! The premiere show of Stabulous and being twin Wednesday Addams host with you as DJ was terrorific!

Just for you batty black cats, heres a 60% off coupon forWitchy Cat tuck box, from - May 23nd to June 6th for 2 weeks! Please use coupon code GOTHDAY all caps. Because every day is Halloween! ⭐️https://etsy.me/3ySG6z5🦇🖤🦇🖤🦇🖤

Celebrate the summer solstice with these new dark and light fairy throw pillows and 100% cotton throw blanket. Lounge with them and picnic under the full moon this summer. ⭐️  https://etsy.me/3G78ijo

This unique hand crafted painted wood gothic Doll Theater can display up to a dozen Dame Darcy dolls!  1 free doll is included when you get this theater. ⭐️Please message which one you prefer.  The perfect way to handle doll personalities and the constant costume drama they are always in. Two crescent moon opera boxes with stairs leading down to the stage. Hand painted theater backdrop with hand sewn red velvet curtains. Like a real theater, behind the curtain is the switch to turn the stage lights on! (And change the batteries, when needed)  *Payment plans available. ❤️ Life is a cabaret!  Get here:https://www.etsy.com/listing/1217712800/doll-theater-gothic-doll-dame-darcy?click_key=cdee0a9cd1a11dfa4972053e4d352e3318d01940%3A1217712800&click_sum=f019fdf3&ref=shop_home_active_10&frs=1 🌈🦇⭐️🌹💋

🦇🖤🦇Realizing more than ever now that Wednesdays dark-wave dance party is so well received , that collectively as Goths we have our own culture, music, language, references to history and understanding.Tied into witchcraft, the philosophy embraces death as part of life.No one but us cares about us and no one will create the space for us but us. 

Collectively we hunger for recognition and to hold our place and not be marginalized , while at the same time we need to spend a ton of time alone.  The  healthy part of being Goth is we accept the grotesque and death part of our psyche. We don’t need to be cute or perfect to be valid. We don’t need to be sexy.  We seek and embrace the truth, even if it’s ugly. Even if it’s been buried by the agenda of Colonizers and the Patriarchy for centuries.  

Check out more Dame Darcy's Wednesdays Fotos from recent and past Darkwave Events. *CLICK HERE 🦇🖤🦇🖤🦇🖤🦇🖤🦇🖤🦇🖤🦇 Our shows and tarot readings in New Orleans we’re amazing thanks to : More Fun Comics Nola ⭐️https://g.co/kgs/ArhSQ9

⭐️Kook Teflon, Sailor Hank, Big Leather and Dusty!  The Mudlark Theater ! And Fatima at Path of Awakenings Metaphysical Store.Now carrying our tarot line and meanings books. ⭐️http://www.pathofawakenings.com/

⭐️https://youtu.be/gFajTQ4QjzgHere’s our cover of “Little Black Angel”. It’s uncanny how much we ended up looking like the flyer.  Black Angel X2 as you grow up, I want you to drink from the plenty cup. I want you to live by the justice code, I want you to burn down freedom’s road. ~Death In June 🦇🖤🦇🖤🦇  We are ecstatic to announce our new T shirt line for Wednesdays! Wear the graphics from your favorite #damedarcytarot cards and more! Now available at https://www.storefrontier.com/damedarcy⭐️https://www.damedarcy.com/ 

 All new Snow White Doll with poison apple in glass coffin 🍎https://etsy.me/3Ns3gjQ

https://etsy.me/3wCg0inDoll characters from classic literature with books.And others.  👋🥰💋🌈🌹Welcome to the Patron Family!❤️ ⭐️Wendy Harmon! ⭐️Diana Happy! ⭐️Chuck DeWitt! And ⭐️Vermont Vixen!  

https://www.patreon.com/damedarcy Prizes for the month of June have already been sent to arrive in time for the 1st!  The doll-book of witch familiar’s mini zine (part 1) framed color illustrations stickers and the painting all patrons $1 and up can win!  Raffle date and time join us live on Monday May 30th at 6pm for your tarot reading and Patron raffle winner to be announced! 🌈🌹🤣handmade spell cards about crystal ball gazing the moon nature diversity astral projection victorian poetry and so much more!  Thanks for your continued support Patrons! And I’ll continue coming up with fun prizes for you! 🌈🦇❤️ Xtra special thanks to Pleasant Art for all you do🙏. Love ❤️Dame Darcy 

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